Homechool Chores and Resources

Homeschooling is a HUGE undertaking and you need additional resources... (and additional discounts!)

I do not believe that it "takes a village to raise a child," but I do believe it does take a lot of helpful suggestions from others in the community to try new things and stay encouraged.

There are so many of my happy customers who are homeschooling their children that I decided to add this page (and continue to add to this page) things that are relevant and effective for homeschooling households. I will be adding to this page several special deals for homeschoolers, as well as specific chores and rewards that some people in the community have contributed.
It is already clear that the product "I Did My Chores!" is very relevant to this community, because it teaches the child to take responsibility for helping out around the house.

All parents, homeschooling or not, need this kind of help. But I believe the homeschooling parent needs it ever so much more because of the responsibility they have to also teach school during the day.

Many of my customers have incorporated 'I Did My Chores' into their daily school responsibility to help their children learn to be self-directed. The blank labels allow that kind of flexibility. The new chore illustrations (Dino-Chores!, Fairyland Chores!, etc) will all continue on that theme for the older child.

Favorite Homeschool Resources from the Web

For those of you who are interested in homeschooling in general... Please visit Homeschool Castle for a different and fresh perspective on all aspects of homeschooling theory and practice: http://www.homeschool-portal.com http://www.homeschool-portal.com

Short Stories Help Children
I just found this site and it is wonderful! It really speaks to literacy and the creative process of writing short stories. My son really loves to write little stories and this is a great resource for us. Go to "short-stories-help-children.com" you will find great ideas to help your young author!

Homeschooling Ideas for Homeschoolers
This is a good source of homeschool curriculum and support materials. Homeschool articles, ideas, resources, and curriculum information to help you and your child be successful.

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